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// Is a Nit Comb Enough to Clear a Head Lice Infestation?

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More and more people are looking for alternatives to chemical laden lice treatments. The wisest option is not to use any of these products or treatments because they have very low rates of effectiveness anyway. Instead, you can just wet the hair with some conditioner and comb it through with a good quality metal toothed nit comb.

This method requires plenty of patience but when used regularly, it works well. When you find an infestation do not comb once a week – you need to comb much more frequently than that to ensure that anything that hatches does not have enough time to mature into an adult head louse.

// Head Lice: Top Tips From the Professionals for Effective Hand Clearing

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Hand clearing head lice can be time consuming, but it is the safest and most effective option. Lice cannot develop immunity to manual removal which it is why it is superior to using the head lice products.

Use a metal comb. Plastic ones may well miss the lice and will not be firm enough to extract the eggs – the nits.

Detangle the hair first with a regular comb before using a nit comb – this will make getting the nit comb through the hair much easier.

Divide hair into small sections. This will allow you to see your progress and help you avoid missing anything.

Use conditioner to allow the comb to pass smoothly. The comb must touch the scalp and be pulled right through the hair and out to the very end of the hair. Wipe the nit comb on some white toilet paper and bin it immediately.

Alternatively, you may want to hire The Hairforce, the UK’s unique nit and head lice clearing service to do all the hard work for you.


// Heavy Infestations Make Your Child’s Life a Living Hell

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At The Hairforce – Lice Assassins we understand that a heavy infestation is overwhelming for you as a parent. Nits (the eggs) build up and so there is a lot of back log to be cleared out, consisting of lots of old as well as healthy nits.  The products will have contributed to the worsening situation. Whilst they pretend to help you the infestation keeps growing and both you and your child’s life becomes a living hell.

To shut down a heavy infestation we get this all out for you quickly and efficiently. Doing that is a labour intensive, dedicated job.  To make it easier for the person we are clearing, two Lice Assassins work together – so we can get this all out quickly.

To help you understand if your child has a heavy infestation this is what they can look like:

Headlice infestation

When infestations get to this sort of level it becomes a pretty impossible task for you to clear out yourself. It is daunting for you, your child will more than likely resist you and it will take you many, many hours and many, many days and often weeks to achieve if you persevere.

These are incredibly rewarding to work on for us – our Lice Assassins relish this kind of clear.  If you come to us your child will leave after the first visit with everything cleared out – an instant end to the anguish you have all learnt to live with.

// Head Lice Can Affect Your Child’s Happiness

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Research from the USA has identified that amongst 7-11 year olds having head lice was seen by the individual child as a ‘symbolic failure’, associated with (real and imagined) ridicule and blame from peers. There was a strong association of head lice with embarrassment, sadness and anger, as well as peer rejection and negative labelling:

  • 60% of children interviewed had experienced public humiliation as a result of having head lice
  • 90% reported being teased by schoolmates, parents, and relatives when they had head lice
  • Rejection by peers was the number one concern of the participating children
  • Peer acceptance was greatly diminished for a child who had head lice; and negative labelling often followed the child throughout his or her school life
  • The majority of the children in the study showed signs of diminished self-perception because of this issue. Furthermore, most of the children felt a sense of personal responsibility for having lice, and expressed feelings of being ‘bad’ or ‘dirty’

These are all really good reasons to clear your child of a head lice infestation and not let it go on and on. There is clearly a very real price paid by the child if it is not effectively dealt with. Relying on the products will not protect them from all these things. You need to get all of the eggs out as well as all of the head lice.

All the findings ‘illustrated the intense negative impact that head lice infestations, and the perceptions surrounding infestations could have on children’. These effects can have long term implications into adulthood.

The Hairforce – Lice Assassins, the UK’s unique nit and head lice clearing service back up these findings. Their spokesperson states ‘We see both the physical effects of an infestation on a child and also the emotional price some children pay. When they come to us we shut this issue down immediately so they can get on with their lives. Sometimes you can see the immediate happiness this can elicit. You cannot underestimate the negative effect head lice can have on your child and their everyday lives’.

// Wet Combing Nits and Head Lice – Which is the Best Comb to Use

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There are many nit combs on the market, but the most effective ones for lice have long toothed metal teeth. Plastic combs just don’t get everything out.

The narrow tines work to pull lice and nits through the hair for disposal. At The Hairforce we use the LiceMeister nit comb which a great quality nit comb which doesn’t pull or damage the hair, and the one we recommend. If you may need to buy one then this is available in our shop

// 3 Reasons Professional Head Lice Clearing is the Best

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Not sure if you should pay someone to hand clear your child’s head lice? Taking your child to The Hairforce – Lice Assassins is a good investment.

  1. SAFE – no chemicals, pesticides, dimethicone or treatments of any kind are used. Instead a combination of clever technology and hand clearing ensure that your child’s health is not compromised in any way and the head lice cannot be immune to the process
  2. FAST – 2 appointments, 7 days apart and you don’t have to do anything yourself
  3. EFFECTIVE – guaranteed, 100% shut down of the infestation


// Head Lice Immunity : What Works?

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The safest and most effective option is to simply comb the lice and nits out of the hair using a specialist long toothed metal nit comb. It takes patience and time, but lice cannot become immune to manual removal.

Alternatively you can use the UK’s unique nit and head lice clearing service – The Hairforce – which lice cannot become immune to, ever. They use a combination of clever technology and forensic hand clearing to clear them. They do all the work for you and guarantee 100% to shut the infestation down.

// Tea Tree : An Effective Way to Eliminate Head Lice?

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There is absolutely no scientific evidence that tea tree kills head lice. No studies have been done to verify this. Tea tree is a natural disinfectant, and because head lice carry a lot of bacteria it is useful for that. Head lice are immune to all the treatments so tea tree will not do the work for you.

// How are Vacuums Used for Clearing Head Lice Different from other Vacuums?

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At The Hairforce – Lice Assassins we use a very specialist lice hoover. This is an attachment to an ordinary hoover but is very different because it has a specialist comb to help hoover out the head lice, as well as a filter to catch them in. You cannot hoover your hair with an ordinary hoover as the head lice will literally cling on and won’t come out!

// A Customers First Hand Experience

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(Anne Marie and one of our lice assassins, photo from Catwalk Schoolgates)

Anne Marie Gee (author at Catwalk Schoolgates) and her daughter Luella visited us recently after being at wits end with head lice and spending a fortune on nit products that weren’t working.

They visited our Primrose Hill branch to tackle those pesky lice once and for all. Ann Marie shared their whole ordeal on her website and you can read more about her experience here.