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// Talking Lice with Vanessa Feltz on the Radio

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On Monday 26th September Vanessa Feltz had The Hairforce – Lice Assassins on her breakfast show at 7.50 am discussing Lily Allen and her daughter’s outbreak of head lice she posted on Instagram!  Vanessa was interested in our opinion about … Continue reading

// Head Lice Are A Risk To Your Health

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The significance of Head Lice as a health issue has for some time been pigeon-holed by the Department of Health and Education, as a minor issue. However their thinking ignores some significant facts concerning Head Lice: They are blood suckers … Continue reading

// Heavy Infestations Make Your Child’s Life a Living Hell

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At The Hairforce – Lice Assassins we understand that a heavy infestation is overwhelming for you as a parent. Nits (the eggs) build up and so there is a lot of back log to be cleared out, consisting of lots … Continue reading

// Head Lice Can Affect Your Child’s Happiness

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Research from the USA has identified that amongst 7-11 year olds having head lice was seen by the individual child as a ‘symbolic failure’, associated with (real and imagined) ridicule and blame from peers. There was a strong association of … Continue reading

// Head Lice Myths – Cleared Up!

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(Head lice on a human hair) When it comes to head lice, there are a few common misconceptions that constantly make the rounds and which contribute to the confusion. As the head lice experts we can set them straight. “Lice … Continue reading

// Sly pupils are buying head lice to infect themselves and take time off School

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16th October 2015 By Lee Moran – Yahoo News! Sly schoolchildren in Bulgaria are buying head lice from infected pals so they catch the critters themselves and be forced to take three days off class, it’s claimed. Reported say that … Continue reading

// Head Lice Said to Be Increasing through ‘Selfie’ Photos

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Several news agencies including the BBC, MSN, CNET, and other independents are reporting a severe problem associated with head lice and ‘Selfie’ photos. Russia has issued a health agency warning about the potential spread of head lice from ‘Selfies’. The … Continue reading

// Are Head Lice Still a Big Problem in the 21st Century?

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The number of studies to prove or disprove a problem with head lice vary. Only one study has been conducted in Oceania, particularly Australia. At the start of the 21st century the prevalence of head lice was reported to be … Continue reading

// Some Practical Advice to Help Avoid Head Lice

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Parents need to take the initiative to help their children avoid head lice through teaching them good habits. Children need to avoid sharing brushes, combs, hair clips and accessories, scarves, coats, hats, bike helmets, towels and headsets. These items can … Continue reading

// Parents are Failing to Follow up on Head Lice Treatments

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Unfortunately, many parents and adults are still unaware of fact versus myth when it comes to head lice. It is important for parents to understand what head lice are, who can get them and how to diagnosis in order to … Continue reading